At Bindlex, we always have solutions for those who want to use our products for their own needs and for those who want to grow on the market by getting permissions such as re-selling our products.

Products that are exclusively sold on a marketplace will be more expensive due to the need to completely erase it after the market or to recreate a similar product for our current customers.

How can I get a re-sale permission?

For this, you need to send us a mail to the support department. You can do this by several methods.

By a form:

We openly discuss with any customer or visitor, so we always try to keep in touch with anyone who is interested in using our services or products.

What will happen after I get re-sale permissions?

Exclusive products will be removed from the marketplace.
You can sell anywhere, but we will not provide technical support to your customers. You will be the only one to receive updates and be able to get help.

Fixing bugs will be a priority as always for us and there will be no problems for your customers.

For more details, contact us at

Official website :

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