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Bindlex Social Traffic

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Introduction & about

General product information, Minimum requirements and resources required for proper use.

Bindlex Social Traffic is a Windows software that helps you increase social visits on your websites.

Requirements & Pre-Requisites

You must have at least .NET Framework 4.8 Installed.

Minimum System Requirements :

  • Processor : At least Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.80GHz
  • RAM : 8,00 GB DDR4
  • System type : 64-bit

For the best experience we recommend you to use a list of personal proxies.

How proxies should be configured :

  • Connection Method : Credentials (Username / Password)
  • Proxy list : Text. 1 Proxy / Row

First Setup & Run

Learn how to configure the software and run it.

Follow the steps below :

Step 1. Set configuration basic details

When you open the program it should display like the image below :

  • Enter your website URL. The HTTPs connection may block the referrer path of the bots. If this happens, please try and remove https:// or http:// from your website URL.
  • Enter the number of traffic to send on your site and the software will automatically stop when it sends the selected number of visits. If you check Manual Stop¬†traffic will continue to send until you manually stop the program.
  • Add your list of keywords. The list must be Text File (*.txt) and the keywords must be sepparated by new row. Make sure no blank lines are set on your file.
  • Select and Check from which sources to receive Traffic.

Step 2. Advanced Options

Click Advanced Options. The interface should display the following additional settings :

  • The minimum & maximum values represents the average visit time on each page. The values are measured in seconds.
  • The user agents file must be a Text file (*.txt). Each user agent is separated by a new row.
  • The custom proxies file must be a Text file (*.txt). Each proxy must be separated by a new row. The proxies must have the format IP:PORT

Step 3. Start the program

Click ‘Start’. The software will now start sending visits towards your site. You can check the visits through any Website Analytics provider.

Common issues solutions

Common encountered problems and solutions to fix them easily and quickly.

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