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Bindlex Social Traffic – Premium Edition

By December 24th, 2021No Comments


This documentation will help you to setup the configuration for Bindlex Social Traffic – Premium Edition product and run it succesfully. If your program displays an error and you cannot solve it with the help of this documentation, we suggest you contact us here.


Make sure that the following requirements are met in order for the product to work properly.

  • You must have at least¬†.NET Framework 4.8 Installed
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.80GHz
  • RAM : 8,00 GB DDR4
  • System type : 64-bit
  • Proxy list (*.txt) with 1 proxy on each row. Format IP:PORT

Campaign setup

After the program is opened the interface should look like this:

Website URL

  • Recommended to include with http:// or https://
  • On some websites visits can be read as direct. In this case try to not include the protocol and also make sure there are no redirection plugins or scripts which could cause this issue.

Visits to send

  • Number of visits to send to your website. If the bot stops and less visitors reached your site than expected this could happen due to proxy errors. This can be solved by increasing the number of visits.
  • Leave blank for Manual stop.

Refresh time

  • This feature will restart the bot at a specified interval of minutes.
  • Refresh time can be useful for software optimization if you plan to run it for a long period of time.

Minimum / Maximum waiting time

  • These values represents the average waiting minutes on homepage and internal links.
  • For a good bounce rate we recommend about 9 to 15 minutes.

Average threads

  • This represents the approximate number of visitors who will enter your site at the same time.

Schedule visits

  • Set a number of minutes if you want the program to start later.

Social URLs

  • Social URLs can be added either by manually adding them one by one or by adding them from a text list (* .txt).
  • In the text list they are separated by a new line.

Internal Links

  • Internal links can be added either by manually adding them one by one or by adding them from a text list (* .txt).
  • In the text list they are separated by a new line.
  • Internal visits are always accessed only after the homepage is visited.
  • Click on page
    • This feature will automatically click on items on your page.
  • Scroll on page
    • This feature will realistically scroll through your pages.
  • Visible Bots
    • This feature will make the bots visible and an interface will open so you can see them.
    • If the bots are visible they can be controlled directly from their interface from which you can run / pause / stop them.
    • From the bot interface you can also make manual clicks.

Setting up proxies

Proxy settings can be accessed from the top menu, ‘Proxies – Set Proxies’

From the proxy menu you can add the text list (* .txt)
Proxies must be in the format IP: PORT, add one on each row.

If the proxies are protected by credentials then they must be filled in the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ fields accordingly.

Custom user agents

The list of user agents can be modified by accessing the top menu, ‘User Agents – Set user agents’

From the agent user menu you can modify the default list of user agents with custom ones you need.

From the user agents menu you can add a text list (* .txt) with strings. User agents must be put one on each row.


If all the settings have been made according to the documentation, by pressing the ‘Start’ button the software will save your configuration. If the interface is enabled you must control the bots from the browser front end. If interface is disabled the bots will start automatically.


You can optimize visits to your sites by disabling CSS and JS on the page from the top menu, ‘Additional’.