How can I request live assistance?

In order to request live remote assistance you must own at least one script item and an invoice of your purchase.

You have 2 options to request a live assistance.

  1. Contact us trough a simple form here.
  2. Mail us directly at

After the mail was delivered the support team will respond back with a date for the appointment

You must either confirm or discuss further a preferred date.


Will that solve my problem?

The assistance team will always do the best to solve your issues. In most cases, our team successfully find solutions for the problems.

If the problem need to be reported further, our support will keep you informed when the issue will be solved.


More frequently asked questions :

Q : What if I am not available for the live remote assistance ?

A : We will ask for a confirmation 10 minutes before the appointment. We’ll wait for a response from you the next 20 minutes.

If we’ll not receive the confirmation from you, the appointment will be canceled so you can create another one anytime.


Q : What if I want to cancel the appointment ?

A : You can do that very simple by sending us a mail at with your appointment ID.

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